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Fuel Pumps
Water Pumps

Multi Rib Belts
Fan Belts
Timing Belts


Car Manual

Custom Covers
Ready-Fit Cover
Seat Gloves
UV Heat Shield
Custom Dash Cover

Fan Belts
Multi Rib Belts

Fuel Caps, Oil Caps, Radiator Caps

U-Joints & Water Pumps

Repair Manual
-Extreme New Series of Customizing Books


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Innovations in Performance Urethane
Matched Components for Suspension, Drive Line & Chassis

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Never Change Points Again
Upgrade to an Electronic Ignition.
Flame-thrower 40,000 Volt Coils

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Air Mass Sensors
Air Flow Meters
C.V. Joint Boot Kits
Carburetor Kits
Carburetor Synchronizers
Carburetor Parts
Choke Pull-offs
E.G.R Valves
Electronic Control Units
Fuel Distributors
Fuel Injectors
Idle Speed Regulators
Import Distributors Injection Pumps
Jet Gauges
Jet Reamers
Metering Needle Adj. Tool
Oxygen Sensors
Secondary Diaphragms
SU Jets
SU Needles
Throttle Position Sensors
Throttle Shafts
Warmup Regulators
Zenith Needles

Genuine Leather Steering Wheel Cover
Genuine Leather Driving Gloves